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Flush Metal Boxes

1g 16mm

1g 25mm

2g 25mm

1g 35mm

2g 35mm

1g 47mm

2g 47mm

2g Dual 25mm

2g Dual 35mm

2g + 1g 35mm

1g 27mm Arch

1g 16mm Skel box

1g 25mm Skel box

2g 25mm Skel box

3g 3 x 1g 35mm

Product ID: 1

Fast Fix Boxes

1g 35mm

2g 35mm

1g 47mm

2g 47mm

2g + 1g 35mm

Dual 35mm

80mm x 34mm Round

1g Arch 25mm

Product ID: 2

Surface Pattress Boxes

We stock Contactum / Mk / Schneider

1g 16mm

1g 25mm

2g 25mm

1g 47mm

2g 47mm

Dual 25mm

1g Arch 16mm

Manufacturers boxes may vary

Product ID: 3

Cable Ties

Available in Black or White

Size from 98mm to 540mm

Product ID: 4

Tapes (PVC Electrical)

19 x 33mm

Brown / Blue/ White / Yellow / Grey / Green & Yellow / Green / Red / Black

Self amalgamating tep 10 x 19mm

Hazard Tape 22 x 41mm

Gaffer Tape 50 x 48mm Black or Silver

Product ID: 5

Connector Strips (PVC)





Also available in Bakelite (black)

Product ID: 6

Connector / Service Blocks

100 Amp single pole 1 x 5way
100 Amp double pole 2 x 5way
200 Amp single pole 1 x 6way
Product ID: 7

Earth Blocks

4way double pole pole 1 x 25mm 3 x 16mm
8 way double pole 2 x 25mm 6 x 16mm
8 way single pole 2 x 25mm 6 x 16mm
Product ID: 8

Earth Rods

3/8 Earth Rod (Temp)

5/8 Earth Rod

Couplers / Driving Bolts / Clamps to suit both sizes

Product ID: 9

Earth Pits

Earth inspection pit polycarb
Product ID: 10

Earth Clamps

Ec14 upto 10mm dry condition
Ec15 upto 10mm all conditions
Ec16 upto 16mm all conditions
Ec14/3 upto 10mm dry condition long
Ec16/3 upto 16mm dry all conditions long

Rad Clamp upto 10mm

Product ID: 11

Choc Box

Universal choc connector box to suit normal downlights

Mini chox box to suit small downlight ie mr16 sizes

Product ID: 12

Junction boxes - Easy Fit


J501 4 terminal downlight box
J803 3 terminal 32 amp
J804 4 terminal 20 amp

Junction boxes standard

58mm 4terminal 20amp
80mm 4terminal 20amp
90mm 3terminal 30amp
90mm 6terminal 20amp
60amp 3terminal
Product ID: 13

Clikflow pull apart connectors

3 term 20amp

4 term 20amp

Harok uep130 3pin pull apart connector

Product ID: 14

Flexi surface pattress

1g 32mm square edge

2g 32mm square edge

1g 44mm square edge

2g 44mm square edge

1g 32mm round edge

2g 32mm round edge

Product ID: 15

Fire Rated Fastfix boxes

1g 35mm fire check box

1g 47mm fire check box

2g 35mm fire check box

2g 47mm fire check box

Product ID: 16


Our crimplug range is from 6mm to 185mm non insulated

Plus a range of insulated terminals 1.5/2.5/6.0mm

Plus a Contractors range of WAGO terminals

Product ID: 17


2mm sleeve 100m roll

3mm sleeve 100m roll

4mm sleeve 100m roll

5mm sleeve 100m roll

The above is available in Green/Yello - Blue - Brown

Product ID: 18

Plug tops

2amp 3pin

5amp 3pin

13amp 3pin

15amp 3pin

Product ID: 19


13A 2way abd 3way adaptors

Travel Euro and World

Product ID: 20

Through Connectors

6Amp 2 terminal

10Amp 3 terminal

Product ID: 21


20/25/32/38/50 Open
20/25/32/38/50 Blind
Strip By the metre
Product ID: 22

Cable Tie Wall Plugs

Product ID: 23

Cable Tie s/ad Bases

27/27mm Black or White
Product ID: 24


Product ID: 25

Hook plates

Product ID: 26

Dome lids

Product ID: 27

V Hooks

Product ID: 28


Product ID: 29

Fixing clips Plastic

T&E 1.0/1.5/2.5/4.0/6.0/10.0/16.0 Grey or White
Round 3.5/4.0/6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0/10.0/11.0/12.0/14.0/16.0 Black or White
Product ID: 30

Fire Tuff / Pyro 1 Hole clips

Rchj30 / 32 / 34 / 37 / 40 Red or White or Black
Product ID: 31
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